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5 Ways to Save for Prom Season

Mishael Chiles

No one will have this dress!

Mishael Chiles, Staff Writer

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Now that two weeks have passed returning from winter break senior have a few things on their mind: : graduation, preparing for life after high school and PROM!! Prom seems to be the one thing that all high school seniors are unfathomable consumed with. Finding the perfect dress, the perfect date and the perfect hairstyle. Needless to say, prom is very expensive. Our economy is still experiencing a recession and money seems to be tight for everyone. The last thing parents want to do is pay $400 alone for a custom-made dress or tuxedo on top of college tuition. We all like to save money. Who said you can’t be glamorous and on a budget?

Courtney Alicia Miles, a senior here at King/Drew, has prom plans already in motion. When asked how much she has spent on prom preparations so far she replied “I only spent like $140. I found my dress online for a discounted price which left me room to splurge on my shoes”. This is a great example of glam on a budget!

#1 Buy your dress and rent your tuxedo, do not have it made:

Girls spend so much money on custom-made dresses when one just as unique can be bought with hundreds of dollars saved. Many local boutiques have custom in store dresses. This means that there is only one dress of its kind so you do not have to worry about someone else having the same dress. For guys, you are only going to be in the suit for a few hours. Instead of buying a brand new suit that is only going to be worn once, RENT one and save hundreds of dollars.

#2 Buy couples tickets:

Even if you plan not to bring a date, you and a friend can buy your tickets together and save a possible $20 to $30. The earlier the tickets are purchased, the cheaper they will be.

#3 Combine champagne parties:

Combine champagne parties with friends. By evenly splitting the costs of the party with a friend (or friends) you can save a lot of money and still have the experience.

#4 Party Bus with Friends:

Prom is all about appearances. Arriving in style is also very important. By renting a party bus or limo with a group of friends and dividing the cost you can save close to a hundred dollars or more per person. Usually a party bus/limo will cost about $100 per hour. The more people the less money each person will have to spend.

#5 Go Natural

Girls, instead of spending $400 for a couple of bundles of Malaysian hair… go natural! By styling your own hair you can save hundreds of dollars.

Thinking smart during prom season can save a person hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It is possible to be on a budget and have a fun time. Follow these five steps and you’ll be on your way to having an amazing prom experience.




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5 Ways to Save for Prom Season