High School Romance

teenage romance

Princess Dickson, Producer of Broadcast
December 12, 2014

High school is usually the time in a young adult’s life when they experience their first love. It is also a time when one experiences their first heartbreak, but for others, teenage romance is just make-believe. Here at King/Drew during nutrition, lunch time, and passing periods, we see packs... Read more »

King/Drew Uniforms


Taniya Spratley, Co-Director of Senior Memoir
December 12, 2014

K/D students have both positive and negative opinions about the school dress code. Overall, students recognize both the pros and cons of having a dress code. However, many King/Drew students view the policy differently from one another. K/D student Aji Akingba stated, “The school uniform is... Read more »

Just to Fit In…


Tamera Wilson, staff writer
December 11, 2014

Trying to fit in takes a lot of work, in case you did not know. Why is it so important to fit in, and be like others? Why can’t you just be yourself, and accept the fact that you are who you are? Maybe they are scared to show their real selves or maybe it’s just that important to them, to... Read more »

Waiting for Winter

clothes 001

Elizabeth Zapata, Staff Writer
October 15, 2014

The sun has been with us for quite a while now. There have been days in Southern California where the temperature reached 80 degrees and days when it reached over 100 degrees. Because the sun has been shining upon our faces and giving us nice tan skin, we have to take advantage of these last few... Read more »

Confidence is Key!


Paris Stallworth, Co Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook/Around the Quad Editor
October 14, 2014

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance coming from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. When we are always being criticized by family and friends, it tends to make us feel a certain way about our self-worth. Society makes us believe that we are supposed to have a certain... Read more »

Sexism at King/Drew

2014-10-13 12.00.26

Aziza Wright, Staff Writer
October 13, 2014

Students at King/Drew have mixed feelings about whether or not boys are treated better than girls in the classroom. Because King/Drew is 70% girls, some feel that since boys are the minority, they receive special treatment. However, some argue that in some areas, such as PE, boys are expected to... Read more »

Natural Hair Vs. Extensions

hair extensions

Dalina Blassingame, Staff Writer
October 10, 2014

Hair is the fad of our time. It is a statement of who you are and a trademark that defines your style. No matter the length or texture, your hair is you. However, a popular question posed today is: Do we as young ladies prefer natural hair or extensions, and why? As a young female who wears both... Read more »

The Tassel Will Be Worth the Hassle


Princess Dickson, Producer of Broadcast
October 8, 2014

The King/Drew struggle starts with that first step onto campus and ends the day the diploma is received. But to some, receiving a diploma from King/Drew is nothing more than a figment of the imagination. Many start off the struggle, but only a few can say that they conquered the challenge. Freshman... Read more »

King/Drew by the Numb3r5


Herby Tuala Jr., Staff Writer
October 8, 2014

There are several negative and positive opinions about King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science. Some feel it is an “all-girls” school and an “all-black” school because there is a dominant race and a dominate gender among K/D students. However, others feel it is... Read more »

K/D Students Have Sports, Pep Rallies, and Clubs on Their Minds


Taniya Spratley, Co-Director of Senior Memoir
October 2, 2014

As we returned to school, I wanted to see how students feel about King/Drew. Therefore, I surveyed over a hundred students during the second week of school to find out what students were looking forward to this school year. My studies show that students seem to have sports, clubs, and pep rallies... Read more »