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Boys Volleyball Tryouts

Zulema Suarez, Sports Editor

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On 2 Fridays and 1 Monday in October, boys volleyball try outs were held at 5:30 after girls volleyball games/practices.

The first Friday, 23 boys showed up for the  try outs, but 43 signed up to try out for the team.  Coach Morgan said out of what she saw, everyone trying out definitely had the capability of making the team because they all looked like they had potential and if they all showed up the next 2 try outs, they’d all make it.

JV boys and girls coach, Jose Salinas, and Varsity boys and girls coach, Jean Morgan-Dalessi, inspected the boys and their skills as they returned the ball to each other in pairs as a warm up.  There were approximately 15 returning players, but Coach Dalessi made it CLEAR that their spots were not reserved for them just because they have been on the team before.  As try outs go along, Coach Dalessi and Coach Salinas split up, making the boys do separate drills, then switching off.  As they did this, both coaches thoroughly inspected all the boys and the skills they already maintained.

The next two try outs went almost the same way as the first, with only a few drills done a little differently.  At the final try out, some boys showed up that had never been there before. Coach Dalessi seem a bit stressed because she realized, “This may be the first time in history that the boys volleyball team has to cut a few people that try out.”

After much time and thought put into the new boys volleyball teams, here are the final boys who have made the team.  (This is only tentative until 20 week grades come out.  The complete final list will be announced around January along with who makes JV and Varsity).

Titus Abraham

Jason Anderson

Chris Cabrera

Cheennglay Cox

Cristian Diaz

Ricardo Enriquez

Sean Garner

Mateo Herd

Luis Heredia

Javier Jaime

Alejandro Licea

Javier Licea

Adam Martinez

Joseph Martinez

Nestor Martinez

Matthew Munoz

William Peck

Martin Perez

Derwin Poroj

Jorge Pulido

Sigi Quezada

Jaelin Reynaud

Jason Rodriguez

Shane Ropati

Daniel Sanchez

Mark Sandoval

Stefan Shipp

Somto Uzoegwu

Emmanuel Villa

and Matt Whitaker

with alternates,

Jawon Bell

Royer Elvir

and Daniel Lopez.

Congratulations to these hardworking athletes.  We’re looking forward to a great season!


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Boys Volleyball Tryouts