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What Do You Know About Sex?

Nicole Reed-Wilson

Planned Parenthood is the largest family planning service in Los Angeles County.

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Nicole Reed-Wilson, Editor

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What do you know about sex? What do you know about women’s reproductive health?

Many teens and young adults find it hard to talk about sex without being disrespectful. But should this be the case? No.

Talking about sex is actually a pretty healthy and normal thing to do at our age. Many teens like talking about sex with their friends and not necessarily with adults. This is fine, but teens also need to know where to get accurate answers about any problems, questions, or concerns they may have with anything dealing with sexual health.

When is a person too young to learn and talk about sex?

Talking about an issue like this shouldn’t have an age limit. The younger a child knows about what the “birds and bees” are the more they will be open to finding and asking questions they may have.

This is not saying that you should tell kids about sex and encourage them to start having it but to inform them so they will not have to find out in a life changing experience.

Although only 13% of teens have ever had vaginal sex by age 15, sexual activity is common by the late teen years. By their 19th birthday, seven in 10 teens of both sexes have had intercourse.

Many teens are having sex at a younger age than ever before. Why is this so?

Peer pressure is more intense in today’s generation, and society is pressuring kids to have sex at a young age. The media also places an emphasis on this issue as well. The media turns anything into sex no

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matter what it is. Look at all the beer and alcohol commercials; they deal with some type of sex appeal. The media does this because they know who is watching these types of shows and commercials knowing they will be pressured to purchase it.

A student who asked to remain anonymous commented, “Becoming a parent should be planned, a person should be married first, in your own home, and financially secure.”

Many people are confused and do not understand the main reason why Planned Parenthood is here. Planned Parenthood is here to protect people from contracting any STD’s, HIV/AIDS, or any other diseases. They are also here so a person takes the necessary steps to stay a sexually healthy person.

Many people believe that Planned Parenthood only conducts abortions, and this is not true. Planned Parenthood offers plenty of different services, including STD and HIV testing, pregnancy, birth control, condoms, contraception, information, counseling, abortions, etc.

There are 18 Planned Parenthood clinics in Los Angeles County, which has one of the highest number of clinics of any county in the whole United States.

What does it mean for you to be sexually healthy?

There are many different ways you can find a clinic or ask someone for questions. For example, you can simply text “HOOKUP” to 61827 to get weekly information to live a healthy lifestyle. You can also call 1-800-230-PLAN and tell them your zip code to locate your nearest clinics.

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What Do You Know About Sex?